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5 Second SECRET Superfood Revealed!
>>> Supercharge Your Body And Feel Younger

If you suffer from 1 or MORE of the following...

 Stubborn Belly Fat
 Painful Menstrual Cramps   

 Low Energy & Stamina

✓ Frequent Hot Flashes  

✓ Restless Sleep

✓ Low Sex Drive

✓ Lack of Focus


… then this 5 Second Superfood might contain the key breakthrough you need to feel like a “new you!”


Waking up and bounding out of bed, because of your immediate energy…

Feeling just as alert in the afternoon…

Marvelling at how your belly fat begins to disappear, without starving yourself or slaving away at a gym…

And feeling healthy and vibrant like you were 10, 15 or even 25 years younger again, without a hint of cramps, pain, or sadness…

This is the ONE SUPERFOOD you need to start taking RIGHT NOW!

This incredible superfood is...

A One-Of-A-Kind Highly Specialized Liquid MACA Blend!

Maca is a rare root vegetable that is has been grown and used by the Inca Indians high in the Andes Mountains in Peru for over a thousand years and continue to use it today in their daily diet. 

This sacred superfood is used a natural remedy for a diverse range of conditions. 

Researchers have only recently discovered this ancient root and all the incredible benefits it provides both women and men. 

Improving mood, energy, sleep, sexual health, fertility and combating the effects of menopause & PMS are only a few benefits this healing root has to offer.

The positive results of daily maca consumption are quite substantial.

Why Native Vitality Liposomal Maca?
Family Owned Maca Farm in Peru
We Start With The Highest Quality MACA
Native Vitality Maca is 100% Natural Maca Root that is consciously grown and hand-harvested. 

We use a unique blend of Yellow, Red and Black Maca to maximize its healing powers. 

We partnered with a small family farm with lands located on the highest areas high up in the Andes Mountains of Peru at an altitude above 15,000 feet. 

They have cultivated their land with this Incan Superfood over the last 100 years. 

The Super High Altitude Is What Gives Our Maca Superior Strength Compared To Any Other Maca Available Today. 

The farm is so high up in the air, that our farmers can only harvest our exclusive super-strength Maca once per year. 

Most other maca farms (Like the ones in the Health Food stores) grown at lower elevations can harvest 2-3 times per year and are much less powerful. 

This is why we can run out of product quickly every year. 

Our farmers own and manage their lands (not corporate) and are committed to organic farming and to simply producing the highest quality maca available anywhere in the world.
Liposomes = 20x More Bio-Available

Liposomes are the Amazing Absorption Discovery That Protect and Deliver Maca Directly to the Cells in Your Body... FAST!

They were first discovered in breast milk to increase the delivery of vital nutrients to newborn babies.

Our natural liposomes act as tiny bodyguards, grabbing hold of and protecting the maca nutrients as they deliver it directly into your cells.

Most Maca powders and pills are poorly absorbed by your body and you end up peeing them out with nearly ZERO benefit.  

Liposomes protect and deliver nearly ALL the nutrients straight into the bloodstream.

Delivering Maca directly to your cells in your bloodstream = Instant Results.  

Our Liposomes come from the natural oil found in sunflowers.

The Result is Maca That Is an incredible 20x MORE ABSORBABLE Than ANY Powder or Pill.

Powerful Benefits
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Native Vitality Liposomal Maca will retail for $69, but this one-time 50% discount is available for all Pre-Sale Orders!  We just ask that you pay a small shipping / handling to receive it (just $6.96 - US orders only). 
Here's What Other People Are Saying...
Christine T. 
- La Jolla, California

"I experienced a massive difference with my energy as well as hot flashes, moodiness and even libido. Menopause can be a difficult time. Even though I'm post menopausal, I still had some common issues with some flashing and moodiness. As long as I take my Native Vitality Liposomal Maca, usually in the morning, I'm good. Libido has improved as well which pleases my husband, lol."
Mary M. 
- Jacksonville, Florida

"This stuff is GREAT. I used to have horrible PMS cramps that kept me in bed all day, but after taking my maca for about a month, they are practically GONE! I've noticed such a huge different in everything from my sleep, to my energy and finally started losing my stubborn belly fat! I love the taste and how easy it is to take every day. Liposomal Maca is my new best friend. Definitely recommend it!"
Hillary H. 
- Albuquerque, New Mexico

"My husband and I have been using the Native Vitality Liposomal Maca every morning. We love it! 
It provides an awesome sustained energy that we need. This is truly an awesome product from an awesome company. Great customer service, as well. We will definitely be keeping this in stock in our home."
You ONLY Need 2 Delicious Dropperfuls Daily

2 dropperfuls = about ½ teaspoon. 

Just drip it directly in your mouth or mix it in a glass of water - it tastes seriously DELICIOUS! 

It takes less than 5 seconds a day to take. When Native Vitality Liposomal Maca goes on sale to the general public, it will be selling for $69 per bottle.

For our EXCLUSIVE Pre-Sale, we are giving away a single bottle of Native Vitality Liposomal Maca for the limited-time discounted price of only $34.50 right now. 

That is a full 1 month supply! 

We have put a strict limit of 6 bottles per order to ensure we have enough Native Vitality Liposomal Maca to help as many people as possible.

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