*WARNING: Due to recent reports from our readers who have had accelerated fat loss from the true story below, please consult your physician if you experience MORE than 4 pounds per week of fat loss.
I Believe This Will CHANGE
Your Life...
Dear Friend,

This is the incredible TRUE story of when my mother hit ROCK BOTTOM and how a little known NATURAL solution practically saved her life....  

(and might just change yours forever!)

My mom… 

The strongest, most powerful and happy woman in the world… 

The best mother a family could ask for….

Began transforming into someone we didn’t recognize.

Unexplained, excessive weight gain disfigured her body and persistent, negative thoughts twisted her mind until...
“My Sweet Mother Turned Into a Shell of Her Old Self!”
Not knowing the true root cause of her weight gain, her doctor diagnosed her with severe depression

He did what most doctors do these days and prescribed her incredibly strong pharmaceutical medications that made it harder for her to control her weight.

And to make things worse, on top of her diagnosis - she was going through the early stages of menopause complete with hot flashes and night sweats.

I realize now that was the wrong move, but at the time I thought the best thing to do was to stay away.

So that’s why my dad, my brother and I did. 

We left my mom alone to suffer...
     - feeling worthless

     - feeling fat and ugly

     - feeling like a shadow of her old self 

...because we didn’t know any better.
“Then one day my mom just... gave up.”
My mothers lonely journey came to a breaking point the day I walked into her house and heard the surprising SLAM! of her bedroom door. 

When I stopped at her door I could hear her gasping for air between sobs.
When I entered I saw her curled up on the floor crying.

She had no hope. 

She had given up.

She had hit rock bottom.

I instantly ran to her side, picked her up, and held her in my arms.
Trying desperately to calm her, my brain was working overtime to find a way to take her pain away.
“That’s when I noticed all the prescription pill bottles sitting on her nightstand.”
Her doctor had prescribed her incredibly strong medications to try and “fix” her depression and menopause symptoms:
Pills for sleeping.

Pills for feeling happy.

Pills for cramps.

ALL of them gave her crazy side effects and made her feel like she was living in a “fog”.
Her weight was spinning out of control and it felt like the world was pushing her down.

Expensive and dangerous prescription drugs were clearly NOT working.
“I knew there had to be a better, more NATURAL solution!”
Hi! My name is Ryan Alarid, and I have been studying natural health, fitness & wellness my entire adult life.

In fact, I’ve been able to make a career of studying and sharing natural health solutions with people to help make their lives better.

With my background in natural healing I knew that I could find answers my mom was desperately seeking.

I poured over research papers and talked to holistic doctors, and my research lead to me to the conclusion that...

My mother’s doctor was completely wrong!!!
Depression and menopause were just the symptoms of what was really wrong.

The root cause of my mom’s symptoms were actually…
“Hormone changes start in your 
40’s and 50’s…
but can be felt as early as your 30’s!”
We all know that menopause causes major shifts in hormones, but thanks to our modern lifestyle...
  • ​Processed foods
  • ​Too much sitting
  • ​Exposure to toxins
  • ​Chronic high stress
  • ​Sleep deprivation

...millions of women are experiencing negative hormonal symptoms earlier and earlier.

The hormone imbalance associated with pre-menopause and menopause can stop your body from managing stress and experiencing positive moods.

Hormones and depression in women are very closely related.
Signs of  
Even if you feel healthy, energetic and strong, hormone imbalance can build up until it takes over... just like it did with my mom.
1 - Uncontrollable Weight Gain

2 - Belly Fat 

3 - Low/No Sex Drive 

4 - Lack Energy 

5 - Anxiety or Depression 

6 - Poor Sleep 

7 - Hot Flashes or Mood Swings 

8 - Digestion Problems 

9 - Uncontrollable Cravings 

10 - Painful Menstrual Cramps

If you said YES to one or more of the above signs...

your hormones (including your FAT BURNING HORMONES!!!) might be out of balance!!!

“That’s when a friend revealed a natural remedy 
that kept her hormones in perfect balance...”
Soon after I made that discovery a close friend told me about a natural remedy that practically erased her monthly PMS symptoms.

She was just 35 years old, but she had such bad hormone issues that she would have to call into work and stay in bed all day from horrible PMS cramps…
After just 30 days of using this natural remedy her hormones were naturally balanced and her issues were... GONE!

Her PMS Cramps - GONE!

Her Mood Swings - GONE!

She had MORE Energy because she experienced deeper and more restful sleep every night.
Oh - and her FAT BURNING HORMONES  were now balanced and her belly fat started to melt away!
My friend - She told me to give my mom this life-changing “natural remedy” and to let her know what happens, but to make sure my mom took it every day for at least 30 days.  

I figured I would take her recommendation, if it worked for her...it might work for my mother and her severe hormone imbalance. 
What is this incredible natural remedy?
“It’s called MACA!”
Maca (pronounced "Ma-Ka") is a rare root vegetable that is has been used by the Inca Indians in Peru for over a thousand years. 

They have used this natural superfood as a remedy for a diverse range of conditions. 

Researchers have only recently discovered this ancient root and all the incredible benefits it provides women and men.

The positive results of daily Maca consumption are quite substantial...
  • Increases Fat Loss

  •  More Energy & Stamina

  •  Decreases PMS, 
  •             Menopause Symptoms

  •  Boosts Sex Drive 
  •             (in MEN & WOMEN!)

  •  Lowers Inflammation

  •  Fights Depression

  •  Helps with Fertility

  •  Increases Bone Density

  •  Deeper & More Restful       
  •             Sleep

  •  Helps Your Body Adapt to                   Stress
“Maca seemed like the perfect answer…”

After I told my mom about my friend who had all the amazing results with Maca...

...my mom took it upon herself to stop taking her doctor prescribed meds and start using Maca that she bought from the local “health food store”.

At first - she started to feel like herself for the first time in decades....

Happy...full of energy...AND...she lost 10 pounds...



Only a month later...

My mother gained her weight back, was depressed with her hot flashes and mood swings back in full force...

Not only did her results go away after a month, but things were starting to get worse. 

She wasn't feeling any real, long-term results. 

As it turned out...

...her body was not getting enough of the Maca
 into her cells to do any REAL HELP

I quickly realized, normal Maca POWDERS and PILLS would NOT work for her and I had to find a solution that would.

So...I researched more about the quality of Maca available and how the human body absorbs important nutrients.

What I found was truly SHOCKING!!!

“Most Maca is LOW-Quality and 
NOT fully absorbed by the body.”
It is a well-known FACT that the body DOES NOT absorb pills very well and raw maca is incredibly hard to digest.

The little maca her body was absorbing - was pathetically low quality and low potency.  

This is why she was not getting the long-term results from maca. 

At this point, I realized that I had to take things into my own hands and find a better and more efficient way for her body to get all the Maca she needed so she could smile and be happy again.

After even more research, I learned that:

“Health Food Store” Maca powder is MASS PRODUCED and not absorbable!

FACT: Most “Health Food Store” Maca is...

Bad Quality  
Not Absorbed By Your Body 
Hard To Take Everyday 
Can Cause Stomach Pain 
Tastes Horrible

You end up peeing out most “normal” 
Maca with almost ZERO results!

I knew Maca was the answer, but I also knew that any conventional Maca available at “health food stores” would simply NOT work for her. 

This is when I knew what I had to do...

#1 - Search Peru For The Single BEST Maca In The World


#2 - Find A Natural Way To Absorb the Most Maca Possible.

I am proud to say...

That after searching for OVER a year, visiting farm after farm and testing countless maca roots...

“I found the HIGHEST QUALITY and STRONGEST Maca growing above 15,000 feet in the Andes Mountains!”
The exhaustive search lead me to the small family-owned Fernandez farm in Peru.
What I found was truly incredible. 

It is 100% Natural Maca root that is consciously grown and hand-harvested on the highest areas up in the Andes Mountains of Peru at an altitude above 15,000 feet..

I partnered with the Fernandez family who have cultivated this Nutrient-Dense Incan Superfood for the last 100+ years.
“Super high altitude is what gives my Maca 
its incredibly powerful strength!

Maca grown at lower elevations (like many found in health food stores) is harvested 2 to 3 times per year and is much less powerful

Our super-strength Maca grows so high up in the air, that we can only harvest it once per year

Because we are committed to producing the highest quality Maca available anywhere in the world, we can run out of product quickly every year.

Most Maca products use only Yellow Maca…
but I use Red, Black and Yellow!

Most other Maca products only contain ONE kind of Maca… yellow.

But my research revealed that to get the best benefits you need a blend of all THREE types of Maca...

Problem #1 (find the best Maca in the world) is now SOLVED!

Now that I found the Highest Quality Maca -

I had to find a way to allow my mother’s body to fully absorb it... 

This is when I was determined to solve problem #2: Find a natural way to absorb the most Maca possible.

You see, what most people don’t know is…
“Maca Powders and Pills DO NOT Work!”
It’s TRUE!

The absorption rate of powders and pills is alarmingly low.
In FACT: Only 5% - 18% of the healing properties actually make it into your cells!

This happens because the starch in Maca isn’t fully broken down in your small intestine. 

(Imagine what would happen if you ate a raw potato… it’s similar)

So once I learned this I started looking for a way to improve Maca’s absorption rate.

And that’s when I discovered liposomes!
Protecting Nutrients - Liposomes make Maca up to 20x MORE Absorbable 
than powders and pills!
Liposomes were little protective bubbles first discovered in breast milk.

The job of these tiny “bubbles” is to protect the nutrients in the milk so they can be delivered directly into the baby’s cells.

This is how Mother Nature makes sure that the baby gets MAXIMUM absorption of these life-giving nutrients. 

Once the liposome reaches the cell it is immediately recognized as “friendly” and allowed to fully absorb into the cell.

Scientists soon found they could mimic Mother Nature by using liposomes to deliver just about any nutrient safely into a cell.

As soon as I learned about liposomes I realized…
“Liposomes are the secret to making the 
best Maca the world has ever seen!”
My research on liposomes then led me to Dr. Blair Ph.D.,

An award-winning scientist who is one of the world’s foremost authorities on liposomes.
What Dr. Blair discovered was a 100% natural method that copies the way your body makes and absorbs liposomes.

But unlike all the other methods, Dr. Blair’s method DOES NOT USE...
  •  NO High Pressures
  •  NO High Temperatures
  •  NO Toxic Solvents
With the help of Dr. Blair’s proprietary liposome method and over 90% absorption...

I successfully developed a Maca formula so powerful that it requires... 

to give you all the incredible hormone balancing benefits!

With just 5 seconds a day, you can start feeling better!

Which apple would 
you eat?
No Heat and No Pressure
High Heat with High Pressure

“My Liposomal Maca formula reversed my Mother’s symptoms… in only 30 days!”
After only 30 days of taking my new Liposomal Maca formula my mother felt better than she had in years!
She was smiling and laughing!

Her hot flashes were GONE!

She felt full of energy 

She slept all night and woke up refreshed!

And the best part is...

She no longer takes any post-menopausal or depression medications.
Plus - her 30+ year marriage is now stronger than ever!

For the first time in a long time she feels like she is actually the strong and amazing woman we all know and love. 

She even completed her very first Triathlon at the age of 56!

Not a day has not gone by that she has not smiled or loved her new thin body!

When word got out about my Mother’s dramatic transformation, friends started asking her how she changed so quickly.

When she told them about my Liposomal Maca, they begged me to let them try some.

After 30 days of using it, this is what they told me…

5 Star Reviews!
"I experienced a massive difference with my energy as well as hot flashes, moodiness and even libido. Menopause can be a difficult time.

Even though I'm post menopausal, I still had some common issues with some flashing and moodiness.

As long as I take my Native Vitality Liposomal Maca, usually in the morning, I'm good. Libido has improved as well which pleases my husband, lol."

Christine T. 
- La Jolla, California
"This stuff is GREAT. I used to have horrible PMS cramps that kept me in bed all day, but after taking my Maca for about a month, they are practically GONE!

I've noticed such a huge different in everything from my sleep, to my energy and finally started losing my stubborn belly fat!

I love the taste and how easy it is to take every day. Liposomal Maca is my new best friend. Definitely recommend it!"

Mary M. 
- Jacksonville, Florida
"My husband and I have been using the Native Vitality Liposomal Maca every morning. We love it! 

It provides an awesome sustained energy that we need. This is truly an awesome product from an awesome company. 

Outstanding customer service, as well. We will definitely be keeping this in stock in our home."

Hillary H. 
- Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Their unbelievable results convinced me to make my Liposomal Maca available to you!”
My Liposomal Maca is the most powerful, highest quality Maca supplement in the world.

It is made in the ONLY facility specifically certified for the creation of liposomes, and use ZERO soy ingredients (because soy is known to disrupt hormones)
The water used in creating our liposomes is classified as Ultrapure Water, exceeding pharmaceutical grade.

Our one-of-a-kind manufacturing process puts our Native Vitality Liposomal Maca through a series of tests to ensure our liposomes are the exact size, structure and integrity needed to perform properly.
This guarantees your body gets ALL the High-Quality Maca it needs!

Native Vitality Liposomes are naturally... 
Our facility is cGMP certified, following the same standards of sanitation and documentation that top pharmaceutical companies follow and...

We carefully test 100% everything in-house AND  by a world recognized 3rd-party certified lab.

This 3rd party testing is very expensive but it lets you know that our product is totally pure - unlike most “health food” brands which don’t have any kind of pedigree.

The BOTTOM LINE: I wouldn’t give my mother anything unless it was 100% the best product in the world
Now it’s YOUR TURN to experience
the life-changing 
power of my
Liposomal Maca formula!

It is my personal mission to help as many women like my mom as I can.

For a limited time you can get a bottle of my Liposomal Maca for  as low as $33!

That is a full 1 month supply!

We have put a strict limit of 1 order per household to ensure we have enough to help as many people as possible.

  Look below to get your
Liposomal Maca before it runs out...
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We back each bottle of Liposomal Maca
with a Full 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee:
“Balancing your hormones with Liposomal Maca 
only takes 5 SECONDS A DAY
A daily dose is 2 droppers full 
(about ½ teaspoon) for light hormone imbalance.

You can drip it directly in your mouth or mix it in a glass of water.

It tastes seriously DELICIOUS and it takes less than 5 seconds a day to get your Maca this way.

1 bottle = a month supply 
(for light hormone imbalance)
How much Maca is right for me?
Hormone Imbalance
  • 5lbs - 10lbs Overweight
  •  Average Stress Levels
  •  Struggle to Fall Asleep
  •  Eat Fast Food Once a Month
  •  Want More Energy
  •  Desire Higher Sex Drive
= Take: 2-3 Droppers Full Daily

Hormone Imbalance
  • 15lbs - 25lbs Overweight
  •  Higher Than Average Stress
  •  Poor Sleep
  •  Eat Fast Food Several Times a Month
  •  Low Energy in the Afternoons
  •  Moderate PMS Cramps or Hot-flahses
  •  Low Sex Drive
= Take: 4-6 Droppers Full Daily
Hormone Imbalance
  • More Than 30lbs Overweight
  •  Super High Stress
  •  Extreme Lack of Sleep
  •  Eat Fast Food Weekly
  •  No Energy during the Day
  •  Severe PMS Cramps or Hot-flashes
  •  Sad or Lonely
  •  Little or No Sex Drive
= Take: 5-8 Droppers Full Daily
Order now and I’ll also give you a FREE Bonus
My...“The Crazy Delicious Maca Recipe eBook”
($27 Value)
Eating healthy has never been easier! 

With the Crazy Delicious Maca Recipe eBook you will learn how to eat your way to balanced hormones with delicious...
  • Desserts
  •  Breakfasts
  •  Lunches
  •  Dinners
  •  Snacks
  •  ...and MORE!
Get Your Liposomal Maca Before Our 
Extremely Limited Supply Runs Out!

To make sure our Maca is super potent, we only harvest it once per year.

It’s an incredible amount of work to hand harvest the Maca way up high in the mountains, transport it down the mountain, ship it to our facility, and turn it into Liposomal Maca.

That being said...

We hold enough Maca to keep our Subscription orders filled, but once that is gone… that’s all we’ve got!

So if you’ve been reading this letter and wondering if Liposomal Maca is right for you, here’s my advice...

Order it now while you still can!

Remember: You’re protected by our 180 Day Guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your money.


“People who have struggled for years can't believe that their hormones are balanced... after just 30 days!”
When you start taking Native Vitality Liposomal Maca every day, you will feel your hormones naturally come back into balance.

And once they’re in balance, you’ll start to experience incredible benefits like…
  • Increased metabolism and fat burning
  • ​Higher energy & stamina
  • ​Deeper, more restful sleep
  • ​Boosted libido
  • ​Better mood
  • ​Less painful menstrual cramps
  • ​Fewer & less severe hot flashes
  • ​Increased focus and motivation
  • ​A new zest for life!

It worked for my mom and so many of our other happy customers which is why... 

I’m absolutely confident it can work for you too!
This is Your ONLY Chance to Get 
Liposomal Maca up to 50% Off!..
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If you’re even thinking about trying our amazing Liposomal Maca, do yourself a favor, and get it.

Get it right now!

Please don’t wait until your symptoms get worse and you hit rock bottom (like my mom).

There’s no need to suffer with the horrible symptoms of hormone imbalance any longer.

I’ve spent countless hours developing the most effective, all-natural hormone balancing product on the market.

You only need to spend 5 seconds a day to move one step closer to enjoying life in a body you love.

This powerful, inexpensive and natural solution will change your life forever.

Get it while supplies last!

Dedicated To Your Health & Happiness,
Ryan Alarid
      - Founder of Native Vitality
P.S. We are the ONLY liquid form of Maca available that uses a liposomal delivery system - and it's right here. You won’t find this product anywhere else at this limited time price. 

P.P.S.  I hope you can be our next success story!

Please email us your Liposomal Maca success story at support@nativevitality.com - we want to hear from you!
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